ООО И Д энд Ф Мэн 


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ООО И Д энд Ф Мэн 

ООО "И Д энд Ф Мэн" - российская компания с 100% иностранным участием, головной офис в Лондоне. Мы специализируемся в России на оптовой торговле сахаром и зерном.

ED&F Man is a specialist merchant of agricultural commodities, trading specifically in sugar and grains. 

We are a market leader in managing supply chains in our chosen commodities and we specialise in the sourcing, processing, marketing, distribution, transport and risk management of these products. We connect producers and consumers on a global scale, bringing our expertise to every link in the chain. Backed by ample resources and a wide sourcing network, as well as in-depth market information and comprehensive pricing structures, we assure clients of contract performance of the highest order.